H3S MultiWatch


The MultiWatch system from H3S is a unique and advanced notification system to assist in all fire evacuations for large populated areas including stadiums, railway stations, shopping malls, large factory and office buildings and high rise appartment blocks.


The H3S MultiWatch system operates via the detection and activation of an alarm signal where smoke and carbon monoxide has been detected. The alarm signal is sent to the MultiWatch unit which then triggers the Lite4Life wayfinder system and the local fire alarm sounder beacon stations to assist the smooth and quick evacuation of people affected within that zone. In addition to the operation of the Lite4Life wayfinder system, text messages are sent to the relevant fire control officers and stations nearby.


For high rise buildings and appartment blocks the MuliWatch system is installed on each individual floor which allows for local evacuation should the fire alarm be contained within that particular floor. This allows for a stayput facility for other floors should the local alarm be contained. 


The MultiWatch system allows for 35 hours of full brightness in evacuation mode should the power be cut in a emergency situation. The MultiWatch system incorporates the following features which can be sent as text message to your phone as follows


AOV activation alerts

Power failure acivation alerts

Anti tamper alerts

Internal and external audio and visual notification alarms

Manual override keyswitch for local alarm trigger

Fire door open alerts

Data logging on fire status


Please contact H3S for more information and to discuss your future requirements.