H3S Lite4Life


Evacuation - Wayfinder Systems

The Lite4Life wayfinder evacuation system from H3S is a proven evacuation system which has saved thousands of lives under extreme smoke and fire evacuation situations around the world.


The full range of Lite4Life wayfinder directional LED lighting can be installed with any fire alarm system and comes complete with two options of volt free contacts or audible alert which allows compliance with all fire alarm systems. 


Other life saving features of the system include:


Emergency light capabilities for up to eight hours, selectable drain down times can be set to avoid deep discharge on the battery


Formed in flame retardant ABS for low flammability 


Switchable daylight sensing facility


Built-in Intelligent self test facility with visible warning LEDs for easy maintenance


The directional LED arrow can be set to flash, for example at a final exit


Suitable for surface and flush mounting on walls and a variety of surfaces


Back mounting plates and cages available for building sites, plant rooms and heavy traffic areas


110v option available, great for UK construction sites 


Lite4Life can be produced in any colour to suit the environment it is to be installed in



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