H3S Alerta


Monitor, Measure & Maintain


The most sophisticated diagnostic and detection system on the market, Alerta works by:


* Placing sensors on any part of a machine or enviroment that needs to be monitored, for example escalators, lifts, pumps,          heaters, plant machinery, motors etc.    


* The sensors are calibrated to measure the performance of that specific part against industry / manufacturer standards and can

 include but not limited to vibration, odour, current, voltage, motion, heat, moisture, light, liquid, tension / stress and dust.


* The data collected from the sensors is passed continously to a mini computer (Universal Adaptor Box UAB) that collects    interprets and collates the information.


* This information is then sent by WiFi, Web, or LAN to the the number of monitoring devices that the client wants to specify.


* Monitoring devices can vary from monitoring screens in a control centre, HMI's, tablets, laptop computers, and smart phones  being used in the field.


 Alerta can be configured to access digital error codes within the asset controller displaying the error codes alongside the sensor  data. Alerta shows when monitored moving parts within the machinery actually require maintenance intervention before moving  into a disaster recovery mode and crucially they are working normally and dont require expensive servicing. This is acheived by

 working within OEM tolerances using a simple Red Amber Green colour coded messaging system.


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